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23 ноября, 21:00. Friday Evening!! And Also The Trees

fe 20181123


+9 #1 Andrey Lovetsky 24.11.2018 19:28
01 Out Of The Moving Life Of Circles (с альбома And Also The Trees 1983г.)
02 Jack (с альбома Virus Meadow 1986г.)
03 The House Of The Heart (с альбома The Millpond Years 1988г.)
04 Missfortunes (с альбома Farewell To The Shade 1989г.)
05 Twilight Pool (And Also The Trees)
06 Slow Pulse Boy (Virus Meadow)
07 Midnight Garden (And Also The Trees)
08 The Ship In Trouble (The Millpond Years)
+9 #2 Andrey Lovetsky 24.11.2018 19:33
09 Belief In The Rose (Farewell To The Shade)
10 Shrine (And Also The Trees)
11 Virus Meadow (Virus Meadow)
12 The Pear Tree (Round Remix) (Farewell To The Shade)
13 The Suffering Of The Stream (The Millpond Years)
14 The Tease The Tear (And Also The Trees)
15 Lady D'Arbanville (Farewell To The Shade)

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