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19 июля, 21:00. DM

2017 07-19 DM


+5 #1 Andrey Lovetsky 23.07.2017 15:59

01.See You (A Broken Frame 1982)
02.Love In Itself (Construction Time Again 1983)
03.Blashphemous Rumours (Some Great Reward 1984)
04.Here is the House (Black Celebration 1986)
05.Sacred (Music For The Masses 1987)
06.Sweetest Perfection (Violator 1990)
07.Mercy In You (Songs Of Faith And Devotion 1993)
08.Barrel Of A Gun (Ultra 1997)
09.The Sweetest Condition (Exciter 2001)
10.Lilian (Playing The Angel 2005)
11.Told You So (Construction Time Again 1983)
12.I Want You Now (Music For The Masses 1987)
13.Halo (Violator 1990)
14.Rush (Songs Of Faith And Devotion 1993)
15.Sister Of Night (Ultra 1997)
16.The Dead Of Night (Exciter 2001)
17.To Have And To Hold (Spanish) (Music For The Masses 1987)
18.Clean (Violator 1990)
19.Breathe (Exciter 2001)
20.Higher Love (Songs Of Faith And Devotion 1993)

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