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10 мая, 22:00. Aeque Serena 47

as 2014-05-10


+6 #1 εξίσου γαλήνια 11.05.2014 08:14
Fifth On The Floor – The Last Opry
O'Death – Alamar
A Jigsaw – Tree
The Sad Bastard Book Club – Do You Know What Two Cents Would Have Bought You in My Day?
Muzza Monroe & The Lushous Strings – Weeping Tower
Chris Eckman – Sounds Of No Return
O'Death – Black Dress
A Jigsaw – Slow Dance (Frankie Chavez)
King Dude – Devil Eyes
Fifth On The Floor – Burnin' Nashville Down
16 Horsepower – Sinnerman
A Jigsaw – Devil On My Trail
Lilium – Open
A Jigsaw – Farmhouse
Innerthoughts – Parallel World
King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe – Be Free
Townes Van Zandt – Snake Song
O'Death – Look At The Sun

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