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14 февраля, 21:00. Punchdrunk Lovesick Valentine's Day

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+3 #1 Andrey Lovetsky 16.02.2017 22:13

01.Klaus Nomi "Valentine's Day"
02.The Dears "Heartless Romantic"
03.Wanda Jackson "Funnel Of Love"
04.The Beatles "I'm So Tired"
05.The Vaccines "Dream Lover"
06.Marissa Nadler "Jenny In Love"
07.Patric Wolf "Penzance"
08.Rocco DeLuca And The Burden "Junky Valentine"
09.Tin Machine "Prisoner Of Love"
10.Diablo Swing Orchestra "Voodoo Mon Amour"
11.Alice In Chains "Love, Hate, Love"
12.Siouxsie And The Banshees "Love Out Me"
13.Bryan Ferry "Valentine"
14.Klaus Nomi "Wasting My Time"
15.Sparks "I Maried Myself"
+4 #2 Andrey Lovetsky 16.02.2017 22:13
16.Broadcast "The Book Lovers"
17.Morphine "Take Me With You"
18.Queens Of The Stone Age "You Got A Killer Scene There Man"
19.PJ Harvey "This Is Love"
20.Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds "I Let Love In"
21.Chriss Connelly "Be Mine When You're Not Mine"
22.Ticky "My Funny Valentine"
23.Bjork "All Is Full Of Love"
24.Placebo "The Crawl"
25.In My Rosary feat. Sara Noxx "Don't Cut These Veins Too Soon?
26.Coil "Love's Secret Domain"
27.David Bowie "Something In The Air" (American Psycho Remix)
28.Marc And The Mambas "Torment"
29.Radiohead "Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong"
30.Adrian Borland "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Joy Division cover)
+1 #3 Юля Кот 16.02.2017 23:19
+1 #4 Gatta_Nera 18.02.2017 11:05
Классная подборка! Жду в архиве. Спасибо, что включил мои песенки.

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