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2 февраля, 21:00. Harmony and not only

*by Anatolij Grixxer

Harmony and not only


+3 #1 Анатолий 02.02.2016 21:54
01.Anthony Chaplain Des Côtes D'armor - Marie la dondaine.
02.Vespertina - Devil's dance.
03.Mickey 3D - Chanson de rien du tout.
04.Wendy McNeill - Ask me no questions.
05.Mystery Twins - Someone else.
06.Sóley - I Will Find You.mp3
07.Yaya - Ghost (feat. Shin Yoon Cheol).
08.Big Black - The model.
09.Donna Lewis - Sleep.
10.Vespertina - Plastic.
11.The Nudes - O Pastor.
12.Blaudzun - Promises of no mans land.
13.Ashcan Orchid - Devil's Tango.
14.Detchko - Levidence.
15.The Nudes - Salvatore.
16.Vespertina - Somewhere else.
+3 #2 Анатолий 02.02.2016 21:55
17.Salvatore Adamo - Jaime une fleur.
18.Mystery Twins - The river.
19.Ms.John Soda - No.One.
20.Mickey 3D - Mimoun fils de harki.
21.The Dirty Diary - Broken guitar string blues(take two).
22.Detchko - Laisse moi taimer.
23.Vespertina - Down.
24.Royal Blood - Out of the black.
25.Wendy McNeill - Stop.
26.Ms.John Soda - Sodawaltz.
27.Wendy McNeill - Giver.
28.Mickey 3D - Respire.
29.Kula Shaker - Fool that i am.
30.Vespertina - The girl in the basement.
31.Sons And Daughters - Gilt complex.

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