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10 августа, 20:00. Femme Fatale

ff 2013-08-10


0 #1 Ира 17.08.2013 20:33
01-Frankie Rose - Night Swim
02-Husky Rescue - Sound Of Love
03- CHVRCHES – Gun
04-The Organ - Steven Smith
05-Black City Lights - Give It Up
06-Coldreams – Eyes
07-Yoko Ono - Hell In Paradise
08-Crash Course In Science - Cardboard Lamb
09-Nothankyou- Know Yourself
10-The Gentle Waves - Partner in Crime
11-The Cardigans - Das Model (Kraftwerk Cover)
12-Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Tom The Model
13-Six Six Seconds - Tearing Down Heaven
14-Winter Severity Index - The Wiser
15-Those Hidden Places – Tresspassing
16-Braids - Lemonade

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